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SuperFastGrow 13-0-0 Dry
SuperFastGrow 13-0-0 Dry

SuperFastGrow 13-0-0 Dry

Brand: Vita Grow
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This Super Fast Grow formula has a blend of ammonia and nitrate nitrogen with calcium to spur faster growth and take advantage of higher candlepower lights. With higher light levels, a faster photosynthesis is achieved and more prolific stem cell growth is acceptable because micro-nutrients and calcium can be trans-located to the stem cells before their completion, thus making sure they are strong and capable of handling heavy fruiting sites.

Vita Grow is a two part formula (Super Micro part A & Super Fast Grow part B) with a bloom enhancer (GiantBloom part C). All of the micronutrients plus a NPK are in Super Micro. The Super Fast Grow is Nitrogen and Calcium. The GiantBloom formula is extra Phosphorus and Potassium for enhanced bud and bloom. These unique nutrient delivery formulas give the grower the ability to easily adjust nitrogen levels before or after the bloom stage. You will need all three parts for proper bloom growth. Choose all dry or all liquid formulas.

Vita Grow plant food is a proven nutrient with a great field record of over 15 years. It is an inexpensive workhorse for both hydroponic and soil growers. Growers try other plant foods but always seem to come back to Vita Grow when they experience problems. Both the dry and liquid plant food are derived from the same formula, the only difference is that water has been added to one and not the other. This means that you can switch from dry to liquid without any growth difference in the plants. Give it a try; you’ll be glad you did.

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absolutely love these chems.....
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Reviewed by:  from Hermiston. on 9/8/2020

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