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Lighting an Indoor Garden

Posted by Gordon Redman on 1/1/2016
Most plants will grow despite what I say here and I'm sure that at least one of my views will be news to you. In which, you may not agree with me because of what you may have heard, read or experienced. What can I say? My views here represent many years of helping gardeners be better growers. I'm not going to tell you that they are better gardeners than you, but most of them are successful growers time after time. To me, consistency in great harvests is the most important thing for gardeners. It gives them breathing room to try different techniques because their not fighting failure. When you're not fighting failure you inherently have the time, money and fortitude to try different techniques. I like time, money and fortitude; it’s that combination that made me a better gardener. It is my wish that your continued success will give you command of time, money and fortitude. So here we go. I will expound on some of my basic lighting views that I assure you will not hurt your plants, and I think will give gardeners who are new to indoor growing a good head start. For others, it may be time to think fresh.