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Yellow Sticky Traps
Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow Sticky Traps

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Easy-to-open 4"x7" trap reverse folds to expose 4"x14" sticky surface with grid for precision monitoring purposes. Hang these Yellow Sticky Traps around your growing area to catch Whiteflies, adult Fungus Gnats, winged Aphids, and many other garden pests. They're not only very effective pest control, they're also a great early warning system. Pests are much easier to spot against the yellow than on your plants. Place the traps about 3 feet apart within or just above plant foliage.

Yellow sticky cards and potato pieces placed on potting media are good methods for monitoring adult and larval populations, respectively. For Fungus Gnats Sticky Traps are most effective when place horizontally on the potting media surface, although vertically positioned cards hung over the crop canopy are also effective and trap more of other types of insect pests as well. In greenhouses cards placed under the benches, close to intake vents, near doorways and outside the greenhouse can provide additional information to detect breeding areas.

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