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Ultimate Thrive
Ultimate Thrive

Ultimate Thrive

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SuperNatural® Ultimate Thrive (5-0-2) consists of a pure blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and natural growth hormones that, when used as a supplement to your regular feeding program, work together to increase the overall health and size of the plant and to maximize harvest.

Contains the highest quality vitamin B-1 and allantoin (a natural cell proliferant) which enables cell division at lower energy levels while taking care of the general maintenance of the plant, also guarding against shock and stress during growth and transplanting.

Unique Features:
• Guards against transplant shock & stress during growth
• Promotes seed germination
• Ensures healthy initial root development from cuttings and seeds
• Can be applied as a foliar spray or added to your nutrient reservoir
• Maintains a healthy root zone
• Allows plants to reach their full potential

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