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Thrive Alive Red - 250 ml

Thrive Alive Red - 250 ml

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Thrive Alive Red B-1 Fortified is a power packed preventative and restorative general-purpose plant tonic. Stimulates rapid and lush vegetative growth, and will ensure the success of floral crops by promoting bountiful flowering during blossoming. Thrive Alive is safe and easy to use for both hydroponic and soil applications, facilitating vigorous and healthy root development for both cuttings and established root systems, while protecting your plants from transplant related shock.

The kelps used for Thrive Alive B-1 are a blend of species found off the Canadian Coasts and are known for their incredible growth characteristics. The kelp is harvested with only the top few metres of the plant taken. This method has been shown to be the most environmentally sensitive technique.

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