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Small Boy Water Filter

Small Boy Water Filter

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Growers who need clean tap water on demand but cannot wait for purified RO water can use the Small Boy filter. At one gallon per minute (60 gph/1440 gpd), the Small Boy removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of the sediment particles (eg rust, silt etc). Eliminating the chlorine from the water provides a healthier environment for beneficial microbiology. This suites growers who have organic systems like soil and coco and are adding expensive organic additives, beneficial organisms and compost teas. There is nothing like adding expensive microbes and then killing them off with highly chlorinated city water. City water that is filtered through the Small Boy filtration system is drinkable and healthier as the chlorine has been removed (chlorine has been linked to cancer!). The carbon and sediment filters should be changed every 2-4 months or after 3000 gallons of water.

2-Stage 10" Filter Unit
Wall Mountable Metal Bracket
Garden Hose Connector
4 ft. Feed Line
6 ft. Outlet Line
1/4" Shut-off
Filter Wrench

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