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Note: American Agriculture assumes no responsibility in the customer's choice of products purchased from this web site. We have done everything we can to give the proper information and details for an educated purchase. In the end, the descriptions of each product are just that, descriptions. Please review the directions of each product and read the entire label to understand how to use it properly and in some cases, when not to use it. When not to use a product is more important than when to use it.

All refunds and exchanges will be gladly accepted when merchandise is returned within 30 days of the original sale, in its original unused condition and with a copy of the original payment receipt. A credit for the amount of the product will be issued on the credit card used on the payment receipt. A credit confirmation will be sent to you by mail. There will be NO Credit for the shipping and handling amount if any is applied to the purchase. If a copy of the payment receipt is not included with your returned merchandise, a website credit will be issued.

Your shipping carrier receipt is proof that you shipped it within 30 days of your purchase. Buy a small size bottle first to determine your satisfaction with the product. There is a NO Return policy for products that have been opened and/or used unless it is defective. An opened or used product will be covered under its warranty policy. There is a NO Return policy for unopened products after the 30 days have elapsed.

After receiving the shipment and having a chance to examine the product more closely, it is solely up to the customer to decide on whether or not they want the product(s). Should the customer decide not to keep the product(s), it is up to the customer to place the product on a carrier to return it to Rose City Wholesale (our main distributor) before 30 days have passed from the date of the sale. This policy is firm and non-negotiable. Products sent to us after 30 days have elapsed will be held in storage until the customer arranges to have the product returned to them. Please call our shipping department for details.

If you’re missing a product please check to see if it is on back order. If there are missing products from your delivery, you must contact us within 72 hours of the delivery time and we will take steps to verify and confirm any such missing products. Any claims for missing product made after that time can not be honored. Once we are reasonably satisfied that the product was not delivered to you then we will arrange for a re-delivery of the missing product.

To request a refund or exchange, please call 1-800-433-6805. Ask for the American Agriculture Customer Service Center and tell them you want a return authorization number for the product you purchased. You will be transferred to that department. Once you have been given a Return Authorization Number, return the product and a copy of the receipt in its original packaging and box to the address listed below. Package the product with care, just like it was sent to you. Place the return authorization number on the outside of the box. Send it to: 

American Agriculture

13896 Fir Street

Oregon City OR 97045