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ReadyGro Moisture Formula
ReadyGro Moisture Formula

ReadyGro Moisture Formula

Brand: Botanicare
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READYGRO is a specialized blend of perlite, coir fiber, PURE BLEND compost accelerator, earthworm castings, Agrimineral 72 silica clay, polymere hydro-crystals and Rootshield bio-fungicide. READYGRO insures accelerated plant growth and crop nutrition, faster growth rates and higher yields with optimum air to water ratio to the plant's roots. There are two unique formulas to choose from: READYGRO AERATION FORMULA AND READYGRO MOISTURE FORMULA. The AERATION FORMULA is specifically designed for 4-6 waterings daily and the MOISTURE FORMULA is designed for 1 watering daily. Both are ideal for container gardens, self-watering pots and planters, and hydrogardens. They are perfect for growing fruits, vegetables, houseplants, orchids, cacti and succulents.

1.5 cu ft bag

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