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Plant Success Orca™ is a highly concentrate mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria product. Bringing together 4 highly effective endo mycorrhizal species with 11 super aggresive bacteria strains this all-in-one inoculant is all you need when it comes to beneficials. Easy to use and highly concentrated.

Orca is a liquid formula so it is cleaner and easier to apply than most mycorrhizal supplements.

This natural root booster increases both water and nutrient uptake to grow a stronger plant that can more easily avoid transplant shock or environmental stress. You'll also see a noticable increase in flowering and fruiting.

Application rate for hydroponics: use 5 mL (about 1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons nutrient solution. Repeat every 2 weeks, then stop using 4 weeks before harvest.

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