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What can I do if my pot's soil dried out?

Posted by Gordon Redman on 5/2/2016

Check to see if the soil has pulled away from the inside of the pot. If so, fill in the crack with soil.

Initially the soil may want to reject the water so you must have patience. Place a deep drip tray or saucer (one or two inches deep) under the pot. Slowly, a little bit at a time, water the soil surface. Watch to make sure that the entire soil surface is absorbing the water. It is important that the water runs through the soil and not between the pot and the soil.

When you see water going into the drip tray, stop watering and wait for the pot to empty. Fill the drip tray with water and give it enough time to soak into the pot’s soil. Keep filling the drip tray until the soil will no longer absorb water.

The soil should now be hydrated. Empty the remaining water from the drip try and go back to your watering schedule when the soil moisture is low.

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