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Cha Ching
Cha Ching

Cha Ching

Brand: FoxFarm
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FoxFarm engineered Cha Ching® to maximize a plant’s production. Every stage of the growing cycle demands optimal nutrition. Cha Ching® is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that won’t leave a salty residue or build up in the soil. Even better, we’ve included the micro-nutrient pack that FoxFarm is known for. It contains all the essential elements you need to support juicy fruit on compact, stocky plants.

Cha Ching® creates juicy, robust fruit with essential oils and resins pumping out of stems and leaves. That means concentrated flavor and perfect texture.

Start with Open Sesame® in the fifth or sixth week of a plant’s life. Once bud set begins feed with Beastie Bloomz® for a two week period. After flowers are fully formed, switch to Cha Ching® and continue through harvest. Feed with every other watering.

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