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18 Site CloneBucket Aeroponic Cloner

18 Site CloneBucket Aeroponic Cloner

Part Number: HY700


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Roots appear in 6-10 days!


Individual results may vary. ALL Aeroponic clone machines work best in COLD climates. Water temperature MUST stay below 80ºF. The optimum temperature is 70ºF-75ºF.


  • 3.5 Gallon Black Bucket and Black Lid (controls algae growth)
  • ECO PLUS Filtered 185 GPH Pump (pre-filter to keep sprayers free from debris)
  • Four (4) 360 Degree Sprayers (improved spray unit features a shorter riser for increased pressure and a fuller spray pattern)
  • Eighteen (18) 2” Botanicare Neoprene Inserts (Inserts are reusable)
  • Eighteen (18) 2” Net Pots and 2” Rockwool Cubes are included for seed starting or cloning (cloning in Rockwool helps reduce transplant shock)
  • 2oz. Sample RTU Vita Grow Rooting Compound
  • 1oz. Set Sample Flying Skull Z7
  • Sample Vita Grow Cloning Nutrient
  • Cloning Guidelines printed directly on the CloneBucket

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