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American Agriculture
is dedicated to the advancement of indoor gardening and hydroponics. We sell quality indoor gardening and hydroponics supplies at fair prices. Free shipping is offered on most items. 

American Agriculture has everything you need for your indoor garden or hydroponics setup. From Vita Grow's Ready to Use Rooting Compound to pH meters and PPM meters; Sunmaster and Hortilux lamps to Eco Plus air pumps.

American Agriculture features product lines from Flying Skull Plant Products, Blackjack Soil Company, Control Wizard Products, Sunmaster, General Hydroponics, House & Garden, Advanced Nutrients and many more.

If you have questions about any of our products, need help designing your garden, or can't find the hydroponic supplies you're looking for, contact us here or call us at 800-433-6805. We're here to help seven days a week!

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NUKE EM Insecticide & FungicideNUKE EM Insecticide & Fungicide
Z7 Enzyme CleanserZ7 Enzyme Cleanser
CO2 Injection SystemCO2 Injection System
Smart PotSmart Pot
Vita Grow RTU Rooting CompoundVita Grow RTU Rooting Compound
Z7 Enzyme Cleanser
Z7 Enzyme Cleanser
24-7 Nutrient Monitor
24-7 Nutrient Monitor
NUKE EM Insecticide & Fungicide
NUKE EM Insecticide & Fungicide
CO2 Monitor & Controller
CO2 Monitor & Controller
Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound
Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound
Hydroponic Systems
Complete Hydroponic Systems
Growing Containers
Trays and Flood Tables
Web Baskets and Net Pots
Grow Bags
Grow Tent
Plastic Fittings
Hydroponic System Cleanser
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Electronic Ballasts
Ballast Replacement Parts
Metal Halide Lamps
High Pressure Sodium Lamps
Induction Grow Lights
Fluorescent Fixtures
Fluorescent Tubes and Bulbs
Reflectors, Hoods and Shields
Parabolic Reflectors
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Environmental Controls
Thermostats & Humidistats
CO2 Monitoring Equipment
CO2 Generators
Fans and Blowers
Air Filters
Odor Control
Odor Masking
Odor Neutralizer
Ozone Generators
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Organic and Natural Plant Foods
Refined and Soluble Plant Food
Growth Enhancement Additives
Bloom Enhancement Additives
Water Conditioners
Soil Detoxifiers
pH Adjusting Chemicals
pH Test Kits
pH Meters
PPM Meters
Combo pH & PPM Meters
Moisture Meters
Calibrating Buffers & Solutions
Growing Mediums
Cloning Mediums and Plugs
Hydroton & Other Volcanic Rock
Soil-less Mixes
Soil & Worm Castings
Propagation & Cloning
Cuttings, Clones and Rooting
Heat Mats
Scissors, Snips and Pruners
Insect Control
Beneficial Insects
Plant Washes
Eye Protection
Label Stakes
Measuring Tools
Microscopes and Magnifiers
Plant Supports
Spray Bottles
Watering Tools
Electrical Accessories
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